Why Get A Blowout?

Why should you get a Blowout? 

Have you ever looked over at the person sitting in the stylist chair next to you and thought, "I wish my stylist would style my hair like that!"? Mirror Mirror Salon & Blowout Bar is open ground for you to get your hair styled by whomever you like! Try Kyndall's bouncy curls or Abby's whimsical up-do. Whatever your need is for your special occasion or just a night on the town, we have the look for you! You should be able to come in and get the service you want! And best of all, get it from a person that specializes in hair styling! Styling hair is what we love best! We will also let you know if your hair is in need of some TLC! (aka deep conditioner or Olaplex treatment). If you need a little hair boosting you can try our instant clip in extensions or Halo from our Extension Bar! No waiting! We keep an assortment of them in stock! Mirror Mirror is all about you! 

Why else should you get a Blowout?

1. An expert can give you a better shampoo. Your scalp will be clean for days!

2. With your conditioner you receive a scalp massage. A scalp massage helps prevent flaking, lowers stress levels, boosts hair growth, and even allows your organs to function more efficiently!

Now that you are relaxed and renewed:

3. Choose your hair style. Wether it be our straight and smooth Baby-Doll, soft waves Holly-Wood or the super curly Jitter-Bug, We will customize the perfect look for you. You will look and feel great. 

4. Take 45 minutes to pamper yourself once a week. Leave the work to us! Oh, and we have Mimosas! 


Stacy Harmeier


Always Use Protection!


Yes, it is true, your hair needs protection too. Blow dryers, Curling Irons, and Flat Irons are obvious invaders, but uv rays and even minerals in the water can cause damage to your hair. Now your thinking well, great, my hair has no chance of survival. All things are attacking me… This is not so.


Survival Kit


Your survival kit includes heat protectant and dry shampoo:


Heat Protectant- Is your armor. You can spray heat protectant on while wet and/or dry and you will dramatically increase your hair health.


-My favorites are Wella’s new series EiMi Thermal Image and My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Quick Dry Shake and Spray.


Dry Shampoo- Will prolong your style therefore less heat will be needed for styling.


-My favorite is Wella’s Dry Me dry shampoo spray. I have tried them all and believe youme….this one is the best. A dry shampoo without all the white stuff in your hair, Finally!


Now that you have your survival kit let’s start with the core of your hair. Whether you have color treated your hair, highlighted, or have virgin hair these are all steps in getting the best hair ever!


Glaze/Sealer/Clear Coat- After your color service, spend the extra 30 minutes or come back for one of these services. You just lifted the cuticle of your hair and injected molecules. Lay the cuticle back down with one of these services to make your hair shine and create an excellent barrier! Any virgin hair could use a shield and shine.


-My favorites are Goldwell Sealer. It can be done at the bowl in less than a minute and costs about $15. Minardi Luxury Demi Cream Color in Clear or Demi Liquid Clear.


Deep Conditioning Treatment- If you are unable to get this in the salon monthly please, please do this at home.


-My favorite is Minardi Fortifying Pre-Wash Therapy. It goes on dry hair and sits for 1 hour. A-Maze-Ing!!!


If you do not have grey hair use demi permanent, simi permanent, or direct dyes on your hair.


Hair Dryers- Get a Titanium, Tourmaline, and/or Ionic hair dryer.


-My favorite is Babyliss Pro TT


Flat Iorn- Get one with the option to turn the heat setting up or down. Set it to the lowest setting then raise it a little at a time. Only use what your hair needs.


-My favorite is Babyliss U-Styler


These tips will give you a jumpstart on hair health!


Peace, Love, and Healthy Hair


-Stacy Harmeier



Hair Hair Everywhere!!

To some it is a curse! To some a blessing! It can be difficult to manage thick hair. There are ways to make it easier and faster to style and it all starts with the proper cut. If a stylist cuts too many layers you can end up with a tail at the bottom. If a stylist thins it out too close to the head you may experience the lioness effect a month later...nobody wants that. So, What do you do!? Unfortunately there is no step by step to make every thick head of hair perfect. Texturizing the ends to mid shaft of your locks may be the best way to achieve a nice shape after proper layering. This can be done wrong so ask around and find a stylist that cuts a lot of thick hair. When you have the proper cut you will be able to curl your hair and it will hold a curl!! YaY! What you have always wanted, Right! 


-Stacy Harmeier

Breaking bad?


Do you have an excessive amount of breakage? There are many reasons your hair may break.

Dry Hair.

If your hair is dry it contains zero elasticity causing your hair to snap easily. Putting it up in a ponytail holder, flat ironing, or even simply brushing can and will break your hair if it is too dry.

Solution: Use a weekly deep conditioner. I prefer a deep conditioner that goes on dry hair instead of wet! Genius.

Over Processed Hair.


If your hair is over processed with hair color or lightener you may have breakage throughout your hair. It tends to break in random places.

Solution: Stick to the same look for at least a year to get your hair back in good health. Do not use over the counter color or lightener.  It is drying and damages the outer layer of the hair. * in some cases over the counter color may work for some people. Just pay attention to how your hair reacts to it and remember… it isn’t easy or inexpensive to bring back the health of your hair.



Some ponytail holders twist and pull hair out as well as small rubber bands.  If you toss and turn at night you may bee breaking it in your sleep.

Solution: Try to only pull your hair back loosely. Low ponytails are the best. Even a tight ponytail can cause your hairline to become thin. A bun is the best way to keep your locks in tact.

Brushing Wet Hair.


While brushing your wet hair you are forcing tangled hair to detach rapidly. If you saw this process in slow motion you would cringe!

Solution: Use a detangling spray and comb with a wide toothed comb from ends to scalp slowly removing tangles. If you have hair that is very tangled all the time you may want to look into a keratin treatment, a glaze after color, and a weekly conditioning treatment.

Hair Extensions.


Even the best of the best cause a small amount of breakage.

Solution: Do your research! Find a Great hair stylist that knows their stuff! Period! You want more hair not less. The wrong hair extensions can be a disaster. Even the right hair extensions with the wrong stylist can be even worse!

Flat Ironing.


Let’s just go straight to the solution. We all know heat is harmful to our hair…Right. Right.

Solution: Ask your stylist what the right heat setting is for your hair and stick to it. Not only does it cause breakage but hair color loss, elasticity loss, and dries out your hair.  Use a thermal protectant or a product that contains thermal protect. Properly distribute the product over all your hair and comb through completely*** Very Important!


Hair Cuts.


If you do not cut your hair regularly your ends will deteriorate causing breakage.

Solution: Get a regular haircut. Different hair needs different amounts of attention. Hint: Most need a cut every 6-8 weeks. No one should go over 3 months ever at the longest.



Your hair needs protein to be strong and healthy.

Solution: I prefer that you take a multi vitamin daily for not only your hair health but body and mind as well.


I hope this guide helps your with your Breakage Battle! 

-Stacy Harmeier

Create a Finished Look!

Creating a finished look!

To create a finished look on straight hair use a pomade. Rub in your hands. Make a thin layer over fingers with no clumps. Then smooth over your finished style. 

To create a finished look on curly hair use a gloss. Rub a small amount in hands. Starting at your ends smooth and twist carefully all the way up. Scrunch at end.

To create a finished look on soft waves. Use gloss on ends. Then hairspray and smooth by gliding the curling iron over the freshly hair-sprayed top. The small hairs that stick up will lay down. 

-Stacy Harmeier


Why BlowDry?

“Why should I pay to have my hair blown dry,” you may ask? “I can do that myself! “My reply is , “Why do you get a manicure?”

The ugly truth is, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on that dress. It doesn’t matter how great your nails and make-up look. If your hair is flat, frizzy, or frumpy, you are not going to feel good about the way you look.  A BlowDry by a professional can give you that sleek finished look you want. We all dread having to blow dry our own hair. It can take up to 45 minutes! That is a lot of muscle power. Not to mention shoulder and neck pain. Let the professionals do their job and take the stress off you! When you come in enjoy a relaxing shampoo and scalp massage. Have a Mimosa while your hair is being Blown Dry and Styled. Then you are out the door looking and Feeling Fab!


When Should I BlowDry?

On Date Night or Girls Night Out!

Before Interviews or Speeches !

Work Meetings or Presentations!

Weddings and Baby Showers!

When You Just Don’t Want To Do It Yourself!

When or While Hanging Out With Friends!

When You Want To Look and Feel Great!

Treat Yourself, You Deserve It!

-Stacy Harmeier


Why Is My Hair Green?

It’s Pool Time! You spend hours picking out the cutest bathing suit you can find! You go out and get your spray tan before sun bathing.  You might even slap on some tinted lip balm or lip gloss. You have thought of everything!! Girl, you are looking good as you prance over to the side of the pool, blow a kiss to your man, and jump in.  As you come up from the water feeling like a Victoria’s Secret model, everyone gasps! You look like nothing more than the offspring of the Hulk!  Your gorgeous blond locks have soaked up the copper, iron, and manganese causing you to have green hair. 

To avoid this horrid experience follow these simple steps.

                              Wet your hair with tap water before entering the pool.

                              Massage some conditioner into your hair concentrating on the ends.

                              Rinse your hair at the pool shower when exiting the pool.

Too Late? Follow these steps below for your home remedy to remove green from your hair.

Wash your hair

Soak your hair for about two minutes in this mixture.Mix 1/2 cup of water with 1/4 cup of vinegar in a bowl that is big enough to hold all the hair that has turned green, which is usually only the tips.

Add 3 tablespoons of baking soda to the mixture while your hair is still in the bowl.

Let soak 4 more minutes

Rinse your hair with warm water

Towel dry and comb Hydrogen Peroxide through your hair.

Leave it in over night

                      Shampoo and Condition

Happy Pool Days! ;0)

-Stacy Harmeier

Does Cutting Your Hair Make it Grow Faster?

This is one of the most common questions I hear as a hair stylist. I do believe it is a misunderstood statement resulting in different answers. I am here to clarify for you! 

"Does cutting my hair make it grow faster?" The answer is No. Your hair will not grow faster. There is no vein running up into the scalp yelling, "Hey! We've got a trim over here! Let's pick up the pace!" =)  It will get longer faster if you let your stylist know you are growing it out. He/She may have you come in every 6-8 weeks for a blunt trim at the ends of your hair. This will keep your ends looking fuller and from getting split ends.

So the question is, "If I keep my hair trimmed regularly will it get longer faster?" The answer is Yes. Your ends will no longer split causing you to have to trim more hair off at your next visit.  The results are longer healthier hair! Also, while growing your hair out please eat plenty of protein and take a multi vitamin. Multi Vitamins make you sick? Take it after eating a good sized meal with some carbs. You may still feel sick after a salad but the carbs should keep you from the side effects. 

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I will get back to you asap. 

-Stacy Harmeier

Choosing the Haircut that is right for You!

A great haircut can change your attitude! Your locks can affect your self confidence, the way you speak to people, and the way you work. It is very important to choose the best haircut for you!  I have put together a few simple rules to follow while thumbing through Pinterest. 

  • Face Shape
  • Hair Texture
  • Career and Lifestyle
  • Open Mind

Let's start with your Face Shape. If you do not know your face shape it will be difficult to know what haircut is best for you.  This link will explain the different shapes www.byrdie.com/how-to-figure-out-your-face-shape-2014 .  Oval faces are the "ideal" face to have. If you have an oval face you may choose just about any hairstyle and you will look fab! Hooray! If you have a pear, heart, round, or square face, choose a style that makes your face look more oval. For instance, If you have a heart shaped face some texture at the bottom hitting the shoulder area and chin will be nice. If you choose a short undercut bob you will be left looking like your about to peck something out of a tree. And, we can't have that..

Hair Texture. If you have curly hair you want straight. If you have straight hair you want curly. This is inevitable and we all want what we can't have. So, decide what is more reasonable for YOU. If you do not have time to straighten your curly hair every day or do not want to pay for a Keratin treatment to smooth out those locks making the process easy, DO NOT ASK YOUR HAIRDRESSER TO GIVE YOU A LAUREN CONRAD HAIRCUT. You will leave loving it because you look fantastic! Then you will hate it after your first shampoo because it will never look the same again.  Look for photos with your hair texture while considering your face shape. You will be  much happier and more confident in yourself. 

Career & Lifestyle. We need to maintain a hairstyle that pertains to our daily activities. If you are in front of people all day long please invest in the hair products you need to maintain a tamed style. You are selling yourself in the customer service industry. Are you going to buy from Joe Dirt or Bradley Cooper? 

Open Mind. Sometimes it is hard to tell what hairstyles will look good on us even with my fan-freekin-tastic step by step guide. We all get in ruts time after time and need a professional outside opinion. When booking your next hair appointment ask for an extra fifteen minute consultation before you start. This way you will have the time you need to discuss any changes in your style. Have an open mind and trust your hairstylist to know what is right for you. 

-Stacy Harmeier