Breaking bad?


Do you have an excessive amount of breakage? There are many reasons your hair may break.

Dry Hair.

If your hair is dry it contains zero elasticity causing your hair to snap easily. Putting it up in a ponytail holder, flat ironing, or even simply brushing can and will break your hair if it is too dry.

Solution: Use a weekly deep conditioner. I prefer a deep conditioner that goes on dry hair instead of wet! Genius.

Over Processed Hair.


If your hair is over processed with hair color or lightener you may have breakage throughout your hair. It tends to break in random places.

Solution: Stick to the same look for at least a year to get your hair back in good health. Do not use over the counter color or lightener.  It is drying and damages the outer layer of the hair. * in some cases over the counter color may work for some people. Just pay attention to how your hair reacts to it and remember… it isn’t easy or inexpensive to bring back the health of your hair.



Some ponytail holders twist and pull hair out as well as small rubber bands.  If you toss and turn at night you may bee breaking it in your sleep.

Solution: Try to only pull your hair back loosely. Low ponytails are the best. Even a tight ponytail can cause your hairline to become thin. A bun is the best way to keep your locks in tact.

Brushing Wet Hair.


While brushing your wet hair you are forcing tangled hair to detach rapidly. If you saw this process in slow motion you would cringe!

Solution: Use a detangling spray and comb with a wide toothed comb from ends to scalp slowly removing tangles. If you have hair that is very tangled all the time you may want to look into a keratin treatment, a glaze after color, and a weekly conditioning treatment.

Hair Extensions.


Even the best of the best cause a small amount of breakage.

Solution: Do your research! Find a Great hair stylist that knows their stuff! Period! You want more hair not less. The wrong hair extensions can be a disaster. Even the right hair extensions with the wrong stylist can be even worse!

Flat Ironing.


Let’s just go straight to the solution. We all know heat is harmful to our hair…Right. Right.

Solution: Ask your stylist what the right heat setting is for your hair and stick to it. Not only does it cause breakage but hair color loss, elasticity loss, and dries out your hair.  Use a thermal protectant or a product that contains thermal protect. Properly distribute the product over all your hair and comb through completely*** Very Important!


Hair Cuts.


If you do not cut your hair regularly your ends will deteriorate causing breakage.

Solution: Get a regular haircut. Different hair needs different amounts of attention. Hint: Most need a cut every 6-8 weeks. No one should go over 3 months ever at the longest.



Your hair needs protein to be strong and healthy.

Solution: I prefer that you take a multi vitamin daily for not only your hair health but body and mind as well.


I hope this guide helps your with your Breakage Battle! 

-Stacy Harmeier