Choosing the Haircut that is right for You!

A great haircut can change your attitude! Your locks can affect your self confidence, the way you speak to people, and the way you work. It is very important to choose the best haircut for you!  I have put together a few simple rules to follow while thumbing through Pinterest. 

  • Face Shape
  • Hair Texture
  • Career and Lifestyle
  • Open Mind

Let's start with your Face Shape. If you do not know your face shape it will be difficult to know what haircut is best for you.  This link will explain the different shapes .  Oval faces are the "ideal" face to have. If you have an oval face you may choose just about any hairstyle and you will look fab! Hooray! If you have a pear, heart, round, or square face, choose a style that makes your face look more oval. For instance, If you have a heart shaped face some texture at the bottom hitting the shoulder area and chin will be nice. If you choose a short undercut bob you will be left looking like your about to peck something out of a tree. And, we can't have that..

Hair Texture. If you have curly hair you want straight. If you have straight hair you want curly. This is inevitable and we all want what we can't have. So, decide what is more reasonable for YOU. If you do not have time to straighten your curly hair every day or do not want to pay for a Keratin treatment to smooth out those locks making the process easy, DO NOT ASK YOUR HAIRDRESSER TO GIVE YOU A LAUREN CONRAD HAIRCUT. You will leave loving it because you look fantastic! Then you will hate it after your first shampoo because it will never look the same again.  Look for photos with your hair texture while considering your face shape. You will be  much happier and more confident in yourself. 

Career & Lifestyle. We need to maintain a hairstyle that pertains to our daily activities. If you are in front of people all day long please invest in the hair products you need to maintain a tamed style. You are selling yourself in the customer service industry. Are you going to buy from Joe Dirt or Bradley Cooper? 

Open Mind. Sometimes it is hard to tell what hairstyles will look good on us even with my fan-freekin-tastic step by step guide. We all get in ruts time after time and need a professional outside opinion. When booking your next hair appointment ask for an extra fifteen minute consultation before you start. This way you will have the time you need to discuss any changes in your style. Have an open mind and trust your hairstylist to know what is right for you. 

-Stacy Harmeier