Hair Hair Everywhere!!

To some it is a curse! To some a blessing! It can be difficult to manage thick hair. There are ways to make it easier and faster to style and it all starts with the proper cut. If a stylist cuts too many layers you can end up with a tail at the bottom. If a stylist thins it out too close to the head you may experience the lioness effect a month later...nobody wants that. So, What do you do!? Unfortunately there is no step by step to make every thick head of hair perfect. Texturizing the ends to mid shaft of your locks may be the best way to achieve a nice shape after proper layering. This can be done wrong so ask around and find a stylist that cuts a lot of thick hair. When you have the proper cut you will be able to curl your hair and it will hold a curl!! YaY! What you have always wanted, Right! 


-Stacy Harmeier