Always Use Protection!


Yes, it is true, your hair needs protection too. Blow dryers, Curling Irons, and Flat Irons are obvious invaders, but uv rays and even minerals in the water can cause damage to your hair. Now your thinking well, great, my hair has no chance of survival. All things are attacking me… This is not so.


Survival Kit


Your survival kit includes heat protectant and dry shampoo:


Heat Protectant- Is your armor. You can spray heat protectant on while wet and/or dry and you will dramatically increase your hair health.


-My favorites are Wella’s new series EiMi Thermal Image and My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Quick Dry Shake and Spray.


Dry Shampoo- Will prolong your style therefore less heat will be needed for styling.


-My favorite is Wella’s Dry Me dry shampoo spray. I have tried them all and believe youme….this one is the best. A dry shampoo without all the white stuff in your hair, Finally!


Now that you have your survival kit let’s start with the core of your hair. Whether you have color treated your hair, highlighted, or have virgin hair these are all steps in getting the best hair ever!


Glaze/Sealer/Clear Coat- After your color service, spend the extra 30 minutes or come back for one of these services. You just lifted the cuticle of your hair and injected molecules. Lay the cuticle back down with one of these services to make your hair shine and create an excellent barrier! Any virgin hair could use a shield and shine.


-My favorites are Goldwell Sealer. It can be done at the bowl in less than a minute and costs about $15. Minardi Luxury Demi Cream Color in Clear or Demi Liquid Clear.


Deep Conditioning Treatment- If you are unable to get this in the salon monthly please, please do this at home.


-My favorite is Minardi Fortifying Pre-Wash Therapy. It goes on dry hair and sits for 1 hour. A-Maze-Ing!!!


If you do not have grey hair use demi permanent, simi permanent, or direct dyes on your hair.


Hair Dryers- Get a Titanium, Tourmaline, and/or Ionic hair dryer.


-My favorite is Babyliss Pro TT


Flat Iorn- Get one with the option to turn the heat setting up or down. Set it to the lowest setting then raise it a little at a time. Only use what your hair needs.


-My favorite is Babyliss U-Styler


These tips will give you a jumpstart on hair health!


Peace, Love, and Healthy Hair


-Stacy Harmeier